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Smith Spot BBQ


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Terrance Smith, owner of Smith Spot BBQ started his cooking career in the courtyard of Hubble Hall at Texas A&M Commerce University, located in Commerce, Texas. 

Terrance was a starving college student!  He bartered plates of food (mainly BBQ meats) in exchange for toiletries and other survival necessities required for students to live.  After the smoke cleared, Terrance soon began to realize that he had developed a passion for cooking good ole BBQ!  

In the summer of 2007, at a family BBQ event, his mother‘s best friend said, “Terrance you should sell your BBQ at events and festivals – this is the best BBQ I have ever tasted!”  He replied, “That sounds like fun, but I only have this little 3 ft vertical smoker!”  “Also, what should I call my business?”  As everyone pondered over a business name, his nine year old nephew “Garfield” said, that’s easy, call it “Smith Spot” Duh!